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What we do

The CPA is a community engagement and empowerment methodology to design Integrated Protection Programs. The CPA provides operational tools to facilitate collaboration, coherence and complementarity among different foreign and national aid instruments in order to find suitable and durable solutions to a given population’s needs, vulnerabilities and risks

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Who we are

WeWorld-GVC is an independent Italian organization that emerged from the union between GVC NGO (constituted in Bologna in 1971) and WeWorld (founded in Milano in 1999), with the aim of increasing the impact of Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid projects in 29 countries, including Italy. We work to promote recognition and respect of the fundamental rights of every human being, fighting poverty, injustice and generating sustainable and durable socio-economic growth models. We strive for a better world where everyone, especially women and children, has equal opportunities and rights, access to resources, to health, to education and to dignified work. A world in which the environment is a common good to be respected and preserved; in which war, violence, and exploitation are eradicated. We feel called upon to increase our capabilities of providing support, in a global context characterized by economic and environmental crises, conflicts and inequalities, in which Humanitarian Aid and Development Cooperation are more linked than ever.

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