The CPA Methodology

The Community Protection Approach is a community engagement and empowerment instrument that has been developed by WeWorld-GVC

The intention of this section is to present and introduce the CPA, provide tools for its implementation and to further explain every aspect related to this innovative approach.

In order to do this, there are three sections for different purposes:

What is the CPA?

This subpage serves as an introduction to the CPA in general. It explains the main objectives of the approach, its technical components, the modes of implementation and why the CPA is a unique methodology.

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CPA Pillars

The multi-layer structure and outputs of the CPA are effective for understanding and addressing the coercive environment that a given population is facing. Still, it may be perceived as too complex and unclear at first glance.

For this reason, we developed 5 pillars to present and navigate the CPA. The first pillar introduces the approach, while the 4 others represent the main pillars of the methodology.

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The CPA is proposed by WeWorld-GVC to be replicated, further developed or used in the design of derivative mechanisms. Therefore, WeWorld-GVC has developed the Handbook and complementary supports to guide the possible application or learning of the CPA by any organization or institution.

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