Basics of CPA

This pillar represents the starting point to discover what the Community Protection Approach is and what is its added value in a given context.

What is CPA?
What are its objectives?
What are its principles?

The CPA aims at empowering communities towards their ownership of the process of claiming their rights, based on a rigorous multi-sector data collection and analysis of their protection issues and multisector needs. It adapts according to the recipient subjects.

Voices from the field: introduction to the CPA

Why should the CPA be used in a specific country?

What is the added value in that context?

What have we achieved through CPA?

Voice Magazine Focus:

Integrated protection to ensure complementarity of sector-specific humanitarian and development actions in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

“The CPA is an approach

to change

my approach

to problems”

“The CPA is from the community, for the community, made with the community”

Voices from the field: interview
CPA TOT 2019 Presentation

We present the CPA

Age, Gender & Diversity and CPA

The CPA has an operational mechanism to ensure ongoing gender-sensitive protection analysis, in order to effectively assess protection risks for all AGD groups, to foster protection, participation, access, do not harm and positive change. It starts from a unique questionnaire.


How does it compare to other methods?

CPA has limitations. What is CPA not useful for?

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