CPA Handbook

The CPA Handbook provides the reader with different modules for the study and implementation of the approach. It has been designed particularly for organizations with few technical and human resources, in an effort to significantly mainstream the good practices and lessons learned developed by WeWorld-GVC.

The CPA Handbook has been pedagogically designed to support the exchange of knowledge, even in those cases where an organization or actor is only interested in learning from the Community Protection Approach but not applying it.

The CPA Handbook is composed of six modules:

Download the modules:

It presents the method and research used to develop the CPA, as well as its general logic and modules.

Download the overview module

The core document of the handbook. It provides a detailed description of all the CPA phases and steps, as well as examples and snapshots of the tools.

Download the guidelines module

The compendium of tools to fully apply the CPA in a context. The tools are referenced to each section of the Guidelines.

Download the toolkit module

A structured package to train field and management staff on the use and application of the CPA and its components.

Download the training package module

Specific and detailed criteria and guidance on how to adapt the CPA in a given context.

Download the contextualization module

Specific compendium of guidance and tools to establish and structure the Individual Protection Approach.

Download the IPA module