The entire CPA process is facilitated, systemized, and centralized through the CPA Platform, a digital multi-stakeholder solution providing ongoing and up-to-date analysis. It was designed to address historical shortcomings in conducting continuous analysis, as well as data management and quality control; while ensuring adaptability to organizational and research needs, ensuring all standards of Data Protection.

The CPA Platform different modules are adapted and presented to different stakeholders in a way that is usable, and familiar for their own purposes and standards. It allows organizations not only to visualize the collected data, but also align multiple activities, including project management, monitoring, planning, tracking of referrals, data visualization, among other adaptable resources to their own needs.

The CPA Platform was designed as a system that can compile and analyse data to automatically generate reports and visualizations adapted to each organization’s needs. It is fully compliant with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and follows the ICRC Handbook on Data Protection. The CPA Platform can:

  •  Standardize processing and analysis with real time monitoring of results
  •  Allow comparability of data across different regions in a timely, adaptable manner
  •  Automate and customize project reporting
  •  Allow the full management of referrals, producing automated results and visualizations
  •  Reduce the amount of time between assessments and the delivery of services, providing organizations effective time to engage with communities

This web-based tool is the result of continuous testing by several organizations in different countries over a period of three years to facilitate the documentation, storage, monitoring and analysis of data. The Platform enables the full management, including quality control and data protection, of the data related to the communities and the CPA components: MQ, NCP, and IPA.

The Platform’s development has been guided by the principles set by the Protection Information Management (PIM) Initiative. The Platform allows to grant a tailored access to different actors to comply with protection standards in data and information sharing and entails an automated validation system adaptable to different organigrams. Furthermore, the Platform is a flexible tool that can be adapted to the needs of different organizations and continuously improved.


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