Community and Localization

The community is at the centre of all our interventions in a given context, and through the different components of the CPA, we constantly engage with all the members of the community and foster community engagement and empowerment. Moreover, in its design, the CPA favours localization and inclusion of local NGOs, CBOs and civil society organizations.

What is a community?


Defining the Community.
Voices from the field: general IPA

CPA engages with all members of the community (including those who are more vulnerable and remain usually unnoticed and are therefore left behind)

Members of the community are

at the centre.

What does it mean concretely?

The CPA put people at the centre as the main priority

at each stage, recognizing that people’s (boys, girls,

men, women) opinions and strategies are concretely

used in providing better results than bulk


Why is localization important?

Ensuring humanitarian development connectedness:

Collective outcomes, what does it mean?

The CPA is built on field experience and ensures continuity of relations and engagement of different population groups (AGD) independently from a project or programme. The action of engagement can be taken over by a different implementer and ultimately by local actors

CPA ensures engagement during projects and programmes

What is participation?
What is empowerment?
What can we do in each context?


The relevance of the community empowerment
Voices from the field: focus group individual interview

Continuous mutual-feedback with different population groups (AGD)

“Just by going to a community

multiple times, they feel already

listened to.”

The time used to listen to and engage with the

affected population is valuable in terms of dignity, in

a context where humanitarian organization just

gather data and provide things. For people is

important to have the dignity of not being treated

only as a recipient or beneficiary of material aspects

Reduce aid dependency:
Exit strategy is the goal


Defining an exit strategy

Continue the Journey
with the rest of CPA Pillars:





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