The Community Protection Approach has been developed by WeWorld-GVC by applying a participatory-action research approach, which ensures that application of the findings and evaluation of their impact on practice is part of the research cycle.

The CPA is proposed by WeWorld-GVC to be replicated, further developed or used in the design of derivative mechanisms. Therefore, WeWorld-GVC has developed the Handbook and complementary supports to guide the possible application or learning of the CPA by any organization or institution.

These resources will guide you to
understand and use the CPA:

Accountability to Affected Populations

The integration of Accountability to Affected Population (AAP) in all interventions allows WeWorld to refer and implement to commitments and mechanisms to ensure that communities and rights-holders are meaningfully and continuously involved in decisions that directly affect their access to safe and dignified lives, especially vulnerable groups, including Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), migrants, women, and children.

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The Handbook

The Handbook provides the reader with six different modules for the study and implementation of the approach.

The CPA Handbook has been designed particularly for organizations with few technical and human resources, in an effort to significantly mainstream the good practices and lessons learned developed by WeWorld-GVC. It has been pedagogically designed to support the exchange of knowledge, even in those cases where an organization or actor is only interested in learning from the Community Protection Approach but not applying it.

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The CPA Tools

The CPA tools try to provide an operational mechanism to combine quantitative and qualitative analysis in ways functional to humanitarian and development programming. They do so by combining techniques from social research and evaluation in order to address known challenges in collecting and analysing data during projects, specifically regarding the protection of affected populations.

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The Community Empowerment Manual

From the lessons learned of the Community Protection Approach implementation results the Community Empowerment Manual. The latter draws upon the CPA implementation in Lebanon, the occupied Palestinian territory and Central America during the period 2015-2020 by WeWorld – GVC and its partners.

Given the definitions of Community Empowerment chosen, the manual is applicable in any context in that it essentially guides on how to ensure a stronger agency of the population in making safe and informed decisions. The overall goal is therefore to ensure a proper transitional process to reduce the substitution caused by the Aid provided during the implementation of humanitarian and development projects.

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WeWorld E-Learning Platform

The E-Learning Platform of WeWorld provides several courses on the different CPA components and phases, apart from courses on several topics. The learning experience is tailored to different staff requirements.

The E-Learning Platform is an integrated set of interactive and multimedia tools providing a general understanding of how to implement and use the Community Protection Approach. This instrument allows learners to self-pace their learning process, and adapt it to their needs.

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