Collect Evidence

Well-represented data and results cannot be ignored, specifically if it is people-centered. The CPA provides us with a unique set of information that combines quantitative and qualitative data on different sectors, providing an added value for designing and implementing activities, both in response and advocacy.

The first step of the CPA is to collect evidence

The CPA provides the basis to understand the vulnerabilities, threats and capacities of each community. Our system of analysis adapts to project implementation’s timelines and needs, and additionally allows us to measure and show the outcomes of the activities we implement on boys, girls, men and women within the community. “We can deliver the same project, but with added value in terms of evidence”.


Guidance to link quantitative data with NCP and IPA analysis


The CPA helps to comply and establish a dialogue with donors’ needs and priorities

Ensuring humanitarian development connectedness:

Collective outcomes, what does it mean?

The accompaniment to the different population groups (AGD) is what makes the difference. The CPA allows that in the implementation of projects.

Support people with information on who they can safely contact, how and for what

Sustainable monitoring of data together with the people (boys, girls, men, women)

WeWorld-GVC is clearly open to having other actors continue the CPA implementation in any area. Sustainability is one of the main strengths of the CPA.

Human factor in the data:

data is not only numbers

but people / community’s narratives

People’s voices must be shown through a meaningful

approach, specifically if we want to guarantee safety

and dignity: people who cannot easily speak up are

the ones most in need to speak.

Achieve multi-sector analysis with sector-specific actions

Voices from the field: CPA General


Relevance, consistency, and applicability of the MQ, IPSI, NCP and IPA tools in summary

What kind of data do we collect? How? Why? Data quality and reliability

Data is benchmarked with multisector humanitarian & development standards and supports multi-sector programmes

Voices from the field: Introduction to CPA

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