What is the CPA Platform?

The Community Protection Approach (CPA) is a community engagement and empowerment methodology and a people-centered approach created by WeWorld GVC in 2013 with the aim to analyze the geographic areas and sectors with the highest protection risks and to create, together with the affected population and local districts, Protection Response Plans to reduce vulnerabilities while increasing capacities of the affected population.
All the CPA information is centralized, processed and visualized on the CPA platform, a web-based data analysis and administration application that:
– Is built to connect and synchronise data with any ODK-based form
– Has different modules that allow you to visualise data and align multiple activities
– Automatizes the analysis of the quantitative and qualitative data collected in the field.
– Allows you to search for specific community data and resources where projects are being implemented, while ensuring the protection of and responsibility to personal data.
– Allows you to review and extract protection risk indicators
– Allows you to manage referrals and responses.
If you want to know more about the CPA platform, check out the following video:

Versión en español
Versão em português