CPA Tools

The Community Protection Approach (CPA) provides operational tools to facilitate coordination and complementarity between different foreign and national aid instruments in order to find sustainable solutions to a given population’s needs and risks. The CPA provides a people-centered system of analysis, programming and monitoring of the causal factors of a population’s needs and risks.

The growing complexity of the context in which humanitarian and development aid is provided makes the combination between ‘needs-based’ and ‘rights-based’ analysis important in addressing the causal factors of people’s needs and risks. The causal factors are less and less ‘missing items or elements’ that can be provided through direct relief and measured only by quantitative data. They increasingly pertain to social, political, cultural and other less ‘countable’ dynamics. As such, methods drawing upon different scientific approaches are of paramount importance.

The CPA tools try to provide an operational mechanism to combine quantitative and qualitative analysis in ways functional to humanitarian and development programming. They do so by combining techniques from social research and evaluation in order to address known challenges in collecting and analysing data during projects, specifically regarding the protection of affected populations.

Here you can find available just a small sample of the available tools to adapt and use to your projects. Click on the text to access and download them.

If you require more information, and are interested in exploring more opportunities with the CPA, please contact us.