WeWorld-GVC is an Italian independent organisation born from the merger between GVC Ngo (founded in Bologna in 1971) and WeWorld Foundation (founded in Milan in 1999), with the aim of increasing the impact of their Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid projects in 29 countries worldwide, including Italy.
Together WeWorld and GVC carry out 128 projects reaching over 2,4 million direct beneficiaries and 12,3 million indirect beneficiaries.

Children, women and youth, actors of change in every community, are the protagonists of WeWorld-GVC projects and campaigns in the following fields of intervention: human rights (gender equality, prevention and contrast of violence against women and children, migrations), humanitarian aid (prevention, aid and reconstruction), food security, water and sanitation, health, education and learning, socio-economic development, environmental protection, global citizenship education and international volunteering.

Marco Chiesara is WeWorld-GVC President and Dina Taddia is CEO and General Manager.


We work for girls, boys, women and youth, actors of change in every community for a fairer and more inclusive world.
We support people overcoming emergencies and we guarantee a life with dignity, opportunities and a better future through human and economic development programs (in the framework of the 2030 Agenda).


We strive for a better world where everyone, especially women and children, must have equal opportunities and rights, access to resources, to health, to education and to decent work.
A world in which the environment is a common good to be respected and preserved; in which war, violence and exploitation are banned. A world where nobody is left behind.

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