The Individual Protection Approach Feasibility Study

The Individual Protection Approach (IPA) Feasibility Study is the result of a participatory process conducted at WeWorld-GVC Palestine level to assess and understand the potential of the implementation of the IPA system, developed by the organization over the past three years, in the specific context of the West Bank (occupied Palestinian territory).

The main purpose of presenting the results of the study is to understand the status of the response system(s) in place in the area of study against the complexity of the situation and its multi-sectoral implications.

Based on the outcomes of the IPA Pilot exercise conducted by WW-GVC in 8 Community Protection Approach (CPA) targeted communities of the West Bank from February to May 2021, the study seeks to highlight the main gaps in terms of identification of, assessment of, and response to immediate physiological, safety and dignity needs on an individual and/or family level, identified for the specific area of study.

The document also provides a short overview of the IPA methodology, including main pillars and steps, and present the added value of the IPA Information Management System purposely designed for the processing and monitoring of the referral cases identified through the IPA process and set up to the Palestinian context, with the ultimate goal to understand the feasibility of applying the IPA for the whole of communities where the CPA is implemented.

Read the study here: IPA Feasibility Study April 2021

Annex 1 Basics of IPA

Annex 2 IPA IMS