About our work in the Sahel and North Africa:

The work of the CPA Community in the Sahel and North Africa focuses on Tunisia and Libya in the North Africa region, and in Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger regarding the Sahel.

The activities in the Sahel and North Africa under the implementation of the Community Protection Approach and its components, such as the Individual Protection Approach (IPA) have the goal of putting the focus directly on the communities and the individuals.

In this way, we approach Internally Displaced Persons and refugees, being these groups very vulnerable in some of the countries in this region, due to the existence of both protracted and emerging crises.

In Tunisia, current efforts focus on socio-economic and rural development, human rights and gender equality and strengthening civil society.

In Libya, the humanitarian response addresses issues related to the protracted crisis in the country, mostly concerning water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), improvement of health services and protection of vulnerable groups.

The Sahel and North Africa by country:

The Sahel and North Africa’s latest:

CPA-RESCO Integrated Territorial Approach

Sep 1, 20211 min read
CPA-RESCO Integrated Territorial Approach

The need to operationalize and bridge the divide between Humanitarian, Development, and Peace-related actions is a direct commitment of the Grand Bargain resulting from the 2016 World Humanitarian Summit. Yet no clear guidance on how best to achieve the goals…

Contextualizing the CPA in Tunisia

Jun 25, 20211 min read
Contextualizing the CPA in Tunisia

Between August and September 2020, WeWorld-GVC and the Social Change School collaborated on a remote field exercise conducted by students of its Master’s program aimed at identifying a new proposal in the sector of Migration in Southern Tunisia. The exercise…

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