The Community Protection Approach – Strengthening Palestinian National and Local Capacities

Since 2015, WeWorld within the West Bank Protection Consortium (WBPC) is working to prevent forcible transfers of Palestinians in the West Bank and East Jerusalem through multi-sectoral and integrated, protection-oriented responsive and remedial responses, while implementing the CPA: a multi-stakeholder, multi-sectoral modality, coordinating to address protection risks through direct participation of local actors on the design and implementation of activities. Through the CPA, the WBPC has accompanied the different communities in having a unique strategic planning approach with local authorities, hence the territory has become a dynamic entity made of formal and informal interactions.

This situational report presents data collected between 2015 and 2021 in over 204 communities in Area C of the West Bank, focusing on how the implementation of the CPA coupled with the improved coordination and dialogue with local and governorate authorities has enabled an environment in which the protection response strategies and actions developed together with communities are increasingly being used for institutional planning. Chiefly, the analysis showcases a significant decrease in the vulnerabilities of the CPA targeted communities within the relation with Palestinian National and Local Authorities sector and the related sub-sectors โ€“ namely, access to national services, direct relation between the communities and the local authorities and factual link with relevant line ministries.

To read the full report: Sitrep Strengthening PNLA 2021