WeWorld and University of Pavia Challenge for Students. Part 1

University of Pavia and WeWorld launched a challenge for students as a part of the AgriSCALE project and GLODEP program called Principles of sustainable bioeconomy and community-based approach ​for an inclusive and sustainable social prosperity.


The challenge runs from October 29 till December 15, 2021. During this time, supervised by Pedro Arriaza, Global CPA Specialist from WeWorld’s side, and prof. Maria Sassi from the University of Pavia side, the students will be working on their tasks in groups to join their knowledge, skills, and experience which they bring from their different backgrounds and contexts to look for potential solutions to the given tasks.


The Challenge for Students is an example of problem-based learning where the students are given a real context and ongoing situations while collaborating with organizations operating in that context and co-developing their tools for interventions and better programming. For their tasks, the Challenge for Students participants are contextualizing and adapting certain components of the CPA to three different contexts – Uganda, Nigeria, and Palestine – while focusing on two basic principles of sustainable bioeconomy: 1) food security, and 2) inclusive economic and social prosperity.


At the end of the challenge, the students are expected to:

  1. Contextualize the modules of food security and livelihood of a multi-sector questionnaire of the CPA to the three countries of the project: Uganda, Nigeria, and Palestine.
  2. Create of a specific module on disaster risk reduction for the integration into the multi-sector questionnaire of the CPA.
  3. To develop a proposal of a qualitative data collection tool to further understand the causes, consequences, and coping mechanisms of the risks identified in the food security, livelihood and disaster risk reduction modules.
  4. To develop a proposal of a strategic response plan with specific actions to reduce the vulnerabilities of communities in the sectors of food security, livelihood, and disaster risk reduction.


The project and tasks also integrate working across the Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus principles.


In this post, we offer you to watch part 1 of the challenge. At the end of the challenge, part 2 containing student presentations of their final works will be available to watch as well. The students’ findings will thoroughly be assessed to include recommendations in WeWorld’s CPA activities.


Follow the Challenge for Students on https://studentschallenge.weebly.com. Here you can learn more about the initiative, tasks, to know the latest updates, as well as watch students sharing their experiences.


Read more about the AgriSCALE project on https://www.agriscale.net.