CPA in Central America – ChildFund Alliance in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua

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Between June and October 2021, partners of ChildFund Alliance and local organizations implemented a joint exercise using the Community Protection Approach (CPA) to identify the principal protection risks in 62 communities of Central America, involving 18.200 households and approximately 72.000 people. 

Among the different results, it was found that 1 in 5 households are considered vulnerable; and most of them are headed by an elderly woman or a single mother.

Another example is that more than 80% reported having had a decrease in their income due to the pandemic. In addition, most of the communities said that more than 75% of workers lost their job during this time; with a significant number of communities saying that all workers had lost their jobs. Below are links to an Infographic and a Factsheet that summarizes some of the key findings, a full analysis on the data collected will be available soon.

Download an infographic on the joint exercise below:

CPA in Central America Infographic 2021

For a general summary of the joint exercise please read:

CPA in Central America Factsheet 2021

Versión en español


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