Terms and Conditions

  1. Tools are shared as read-only basis
  2. The organization adhere to the principles and standards during CPA Implementation:
  • Humanitarian Principles
  • Protection Mainstreaming Principles
  • Core Humanitarian Standards on Quality and Accountability
  • SPHERE Standards
  • Child Protection Minimum Standards
  • Minimum Standards for Prevention and Response to GBV in Emergencies
  • Minimum Standards for Age and Disability Inclusion
  • European Union Resilience Marker and Strategic Approach to Resilience
  • Accountability to Affected Populations Operational Framework29 Research-Ethics Principles

*As described in GUIDELINES 2.1.5, the CPA implementation is subject to ethical and technical approval.

  1. In case of re-sharing the documents a notification email should be sent to cpa@gvc.weworld.it
  2. The request will be going through technical and ethical approval based on the requested documentations, as detailed in below table. The approvals are merely intended as support to the organization to ensure consistency in the approach and to contribute to its ongoing practice-based research.

*Ethical approval is based on the principles outlined in GUIDELINES, and includes verification of how the organization intends to use the CPA

*Technical approval is needed only in specific cases, outlined below, and may require a series of discussions between the requestor and the Technical Committee.

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