The CPA Handbook includes 6 modules: Overview, Guidelines, Toolkit, IPA, Contextualization module, and Training Package. The CPA is proposed by WeWorld-GVC to be replicated, further developed or used in the design of derivative mechanisms.


The Overview presents the method and research used to develop the CPA, as well as its general logic and modules available for download



The core document of the handbook. It provides a detailed description of all the CPA phases and steps, as well as examples and snapshots of the tools available for download



The compendium of tools to fully apply the CPA in a context. The Toolkit guides the use of the different tools of the CPA, downloadable from the CPA Initiative website. Available upon request


Training Package

A structured package to train field and management staff on the use and application of the CPA and its components. Available upon request



A manual to provide criteria and guidance on how to adapt the CPA in a given context. available upon request


Individual Protection Approach

Specific compendium of guidance and tools to establish and structure the Individual Protection Approach. available upon request



The CPA platform is a web-based software developed specifically to simplify the implementation of the CPA and make field and analysis activities more efficient.

The user-friendly workflow allows field staff to move from one process to another, utilizing few simple tools for data collection.

The management has a quality control system both for quantitative and qualitative information.

The whole Individual Protection Approach system for identification and referral is immediately deployable, including quality control and data protection.

The dashboards are designed to show real-time results in customizable graphs,charts and tables.

It allows user contral access with customizable visuals to supply to partners and donors.

It provides automatic data analysis, reducing the need for skilled data analysts.

This web-based platform is currently at its third release and is the result of continuous testing by several organizations in different countries over a period of three years. The platform enables the full management, including quality control, validation mechanisms and data protection, of all the CPA components (Multi-sector Questionnaire, Narrated Community Perspective and Individual Protection Approach).

CPA E-Learning

The CPA e-learning platform is an integrated set of interactive and multimedia tools providing general understanding on how to implement and use the Community Protection Approach. The learning experience has been designed on the basis of a Survey carried out by WeWorld-GVC in Latin-America and Middle East to identify key learning aspects.

The learning experience has been designed on the basis of a survey carried our by WeWorld GVC in Latin America and Middle East to identify key learning aspects.