Partnership on the CPA with the University of Pavia

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The last 6th and 7th of August a strategic workshop took place at GVC Tunisia’s office between the WeWorld GVC  Protection Task Force and Professor Maria Sassi from the University of Pavia. The workshop set the basis of the new project agreement concerning the Community Protection Approach (CPA), methodology on which the GVC Protection Task Force, composed by long-experienced humanitarian professionals and Senior EU Aid Volunteers, is working on. This team is leading the definition and formalization of a WeWorld GVC flagship policy and approach of Integrated Protection, in close collaboration with WW-GVC offices and projects worldwide, and with the active participation of EU Aid Volunteers with a wide range of specializations.

The CPA is a methodology to analyze, monitor and respond to the coercive environment affecting individuals in a given area by using a right-based analysis as entry point to elaborate local protection strategies which aims to empower communities to achieve their rights with safety and dignity.

The initiative discussed with prof. Sassi (Associate Professor at the University of Pavia, Director of Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in International Development Studies) will focus on investigating the relevancy, consistency and applicability of the method in the framework of humanitarian and development programmes. Professor Sassi, with an outstanding academic and research career in collaboration with international organizations such as EU and UN bodies, will be the leading researcher for this new partnership combining research and practice from projects in the field.

During the workshop, WeWorld GVC and Prof. Sassi have held technical discussions on topics such as, the framework to measure dignity and safety of the population, the GVC Integrated Protection System of Indicators, the combination of quantitative and qualitative data and how to ensure community engagement and empowerment. Professor Sassi highlighted the will, ambition and aims of the organization in creating such a strategic and innovative system that will contribute to the empowerment of the affected population and therefore the improvement of dignity and safety of the right holders.

The University of Pavia research on the CPA methodology can be just the beginning of a fruitful association for both partners. This initiative aligns with GVC efforts and strategy to establish an instructive partnership with a wide network of research centres and academic institutions.

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