CPA Platform

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With the CPA instruments collecting large amounts of multi-sectoral, quantitative and qualitative data, a digital multi-stakeholder system that can compile and analyze data has been designed to automatically generate reports and visualizations adapted to each organization’s needs. Compliant with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and following the ICRC Handbook on Data Protection, the CPA Platform standardizes processing and analysis with real time monitoring of results that is comparable with data across different regions in a timely, adaptable manner.
It can automate and customize project reporting, manage referral systems, produce visualizations; reducing the amount of time between assessments and the delivery of services, providing organizations effective time to engage with communities, rather than engaging on back-office, data processing work that is automatized through this digital platform.
Below you can have glimpse at how the CPA Platform offers an accessible, cutting edge set of tools all in one place:


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