What is the CPA: a perspective from the field

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From the community, to the community, made with the community

What is Community Protection Approach? Why the Community Protection Approach is so necessary in order of improving humanitarian intervention in complex and protracted crisis?
The visual storytelling of what Community Protection Approach initiative means, through the word of part of our CPA staff Ayah Bseisy (Community Protection Approach Specialist, OPT), Raya al Youssef (CPA field coordinator, Lebanon) Sara Rifai (CPA specialists, Lebanon) and Raghida Hamieh (CPA field coordinator, Lebanon).

“In 2015 GVC decided to come up and develop a new methodology, focusing on a rights-based approach, to shift the mindset from a needs-based approach.
We came up with the CPA, Community Protection Approach, that is fully focused on a rights-based participatory approach.
We are seeking for people to participate, to empower themselves, to use the capacity that they have, in order to overcome the challenges they are facing on daily basis.
So we empower them and we look for them in order to raise their voices.
The CPA is focusing on capturing, identifying and understanding the situation of the targeted communities in terms of protection risk, through analysis of vulnerabilities, capacities, and threats.
But the main challenge with the CPA is actually changing this behaviour with the people, or the mentality of always being beneficiaries who receive.
This methodology is about having them participate in the solutions, and actually listen to them and provide sustainable solutions that they can depend on”.

The video was shot in Lebanon in February 2019, by the videomakers Miko Meloni and Nicola Grignagni, in collaboration with EU Aid Volunteers. Especially thank to Silvia Mazzocchin, EU Aid Volunteer in Communication in Lebanon and all our local staff.

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