Capacity Building. Survey Analysis – Middle East and North Africa Latin America and the Caribbean

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In the current global debate to rethink the ways the international community is addressing needs and risks of affected population, identifying appropriate processes of capacity building is essential. It requires a constructive dialogue between field operators, policy makers, and donors to generate iterative learning on the basis of practice.

In 2019, WeWorld-GVC carried out a study to collect feedback and inputs from different stakeholders through parallel processes, aiming at understanding how to better provide comprehensive responses to the needs of the affected population in disaster-affected and disaster-prone countries.

A survey on capacity building was administered to the staff of national and international NGOs in the MENA and LAC regions.
This report collects the answers we got from 52 national and international operators in the fields of humanitarian and development assistance, working in the oPt, Lebanon, Lybia, Guatemala and Nicaragua.

“The involvement of the affected population in interventions targeting their needs is deemed vital to success, together with increased and clearer cooperation among different actors.”

To read our report: Capacity Building. Survey Analysis – Middle East & North Africa and Latin America & the Caribbean.

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