Month: April 2021

How the Community Protection Approach (CPA) advances the Localisation Agenda

Read the post in Spanish: CPA y Localización One of the central aims of an international organization is to strive to make itself redundant in the contexts it operates in, resulting from supporting efforts to empower communities to successfully demand that their rights be upheld by the duty bearers responsible, in order for that same …

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Individual Protection Approach (IPA)

Read the post in Spanish: Enfoque de Protección Individual Effective referral systems are critical in ensuring that individuals and families receive urgent attention addressing their immediate needs. As data is collected during the various phases of the CPA, such cases may emerge and require instant action to be taken. The Individual Protection Approach, or IPA, …

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What is the Community Protection Approach?

The Community Protection Approach provides operational tools to facilitate coherence, collaboration and complementarity between a range of different aid instruments and actors. The CPA is built on the principle of fostering joint and collaborative work, and providing one single joint analysis and programming framework, to different actors and stakeholders, towards achieving effective protection outcomes. It …

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CPA Platform

With the CPA instruments collecting large amounts of multi-sectoral, quantitative and qualitative data, a digital multi-stakeholder system that can compile and analyze data has been designed to automatically generate reports and visualizations adapted to each organization’s needs. Compliant with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and following the ICRC Handbook on Data Protection, the CPA …

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